Let’s start talking Social Media Health.

There are nearly 3 Billion Social Media users, most of whom log on everyday. What would it look like to log out once a week? How much different would our communities be? How much better would our relationships be? How much better would we know ourselves? Join us in logging out on Saturday’s to make a difference.


Saturday is here…now what?

The “how to” is simple! Write down your passwords and delete the apps. What happens when I delete my social media apps? Nothing! All of the content is saved on the apps and when you log back on everything will be exactly how you left it. You won’t lose any followers, likes, or DM’s. However, we would strongly advise writing down or remembering your passwords so you can easily download the apps and log back in on Sunday. As far as what to do with all this time? We encourage you to embrace newfound or existing hobbies, engage with your peers, or do something for you. Make Saturday your own.



Why we exist

Our intention is to start the conversation about what it means to be healthy on social media. Let’s start by taking Saturday’s off.


Take Action

Your donation allows us to educate our youth on the impacts of Social Media. We are having screenings, gatherings, and empowering events all over the country in order to start the conversation about what Social Media health looks like.